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Splinter Cell: Conviction set to re-define the series

by Steven Williamson on 18 May 2007, 09:43

Tags: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction, Action/Adventure

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Convicted confirmed for Xbox 360 and PC

Ubisoft's successful Splinter Cell series is set to continue with Splinter Cell: Conviction later this year on Xbox 360 and PC.

The Official Xbox Magazine claims that the fifth title in the series will 're-invent player's perception of next-gen gameplay, graphical detail, and innovation. ' Unlike previous Spinter Cell games, Splinter Cell: Conviction will be set almost entirely during the day-time, so sneaking around in the shadows with those night vision goggles may well be a thing of the past.

Speaking to IGN, Ubisoft said that they're planning to take the series in a totally new direction "[Double Agent] was good, but repetitive over time. After three games we decided to make a big turnaround in the franchise," said senior prodcer, Mathieu Ferland.

This time round, Sam Fisher is a fugitive, pursued by the government he used to serve. To survive he'll need to create an underground network of allies, but will be without his usual assortment of gadgets.

"Improvisation is a concept we wanted to bring to the gamers, as we felt it was one of the strongest shared elements of all spy agents. They have to be able to deal with anything, anytime, anywhere - [but] faster, smarter," Ferland added.

There are still very few details on the game, but we hear that more details will be released before the end of May.

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The last one was pants (IMHO) purely due to the annoying split-focused timed bits (where you had to effectively complete two sets of objectives at once). All I ever wanted to do was sneak around in the dark killing people and hiding the bodies (perhaps I have issues?) - that's fun. My fave way to play was to see if i complete each mission leaving noone alive and raising no alarms. Essentially i'm a closet psychopath :) I generally hate timers in games and with the SC series half the fun was being able to take a lot of time over a mission, carefully scouting and researching the best path to take - a timer removes that to some extent.

I did like the matrix-style training bit tho - neato :)

So, this new one is

a: set in the daytime
b: has no super-secret-agent-gadgety goodness

This does not bode well - i'm all for them trying new directions with it but.. I'll reserve judgement for the final game but i'd like to hear more about the implementation.