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Forza 2 - Xbox 360 Brand new trailer and feature info

by Steven Williamson on 9 March 2007, 14:27

Tags: Forza 2, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Xbox 360, Sports

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Check out the trailer on HEXUS.tv

Microsoft Game Studios today announced some exciting new features that will be included in “Forza Motorsport 2” when the game hits stores in May.

Check out the full trailer featuring the auction house on HEXUS.tv (no sign-up required).

The team at Turn 10 has announced the Xbox Live Auction House. Although “Forza Motorsport 2” can be a highly competitive affair over Xbox Live, the developers at Turn 10 wanted to further stoke the passion of the racing community by giving them an in-game marketplace to show off their custom creations. Just head over to Forza Motorsport 2’s Online Auction House, where – on a global scale – players will be able to buy and sell (using in-game credits) and trade one-of-a-kind vehicles with other Forza fanatics. The Online Auction House will encourage fans to share their unique whips, or complete their car collection from our roster of over 300 must-have rides. With near limitless customization options, “Forza Motorsport 2” is sure to inspire the creativity of car tuners and painters alike. For more details on the Xbox Live Auction House, be sure to check out this week’s Pitpass Report on Forzamotorsport.net.

Also, Team 10 are happy to bring you wave two of the highly anticipated and extensive “Forza Motorsport 2” cars list. Last week, they revealed models from top manufacturers Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari and Maserati. This week, they bring you models from the rest of our European carmakers: Aston Martin, Jaguar, Bentley, Lotus, TVR, Saab, Volvo, McLaren, and more. Again, for the full list, cruise on over to Forzamotorsport.net.

Finally, Team 10 wanted to alert you that upon visiting forzamotorsport.net that you’ll notice a new look and feel to the site. The purpose of the redesign is to give consumers a more useful, easier to navigate extension of “Forza Motorsport 2’s” gameplay experience from on the web, as well as provide a destination for fans to socialize and talk shop about racing, tuning, design, or just games and car culture in general. For you, Forzamotorsport.net will also be the home of all the latest news, screenshots, and videos for the game. There’s a lot more to talk about with regards to “Forza Motorsport 2” and we’ll be covering new ground every Friday for our passionate community, as well as welcoming newcomers to the world of Forza.

Car list is overleaf or head straight to HEXUS.tv to watch the trailer.