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Project Gotham Racing tournament : Win a PGR black-finished Xbox 360 console

by Steven Williamson on 6 February 2006, 12:47

Tags: Sports

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Win a limited edition Xbox 360 will be hosting a number of events across Europe throughout Febriary and March to determine the top 100 drivers on PGR3. Each player that reaches the top 100 will win a limited edition, PGR black-finished Xbox 360 console.

The tournament isn't as simple as racing around the tracks at blistering speeds. The first part of the contest begins today, in the form of a draw. 'Just fire up Xbox Live on your Xbox 360 and download a specially designed PRG 100 Gamer Picture, 'PGR 100", from Xbox Live Marketplace between 12:01hrs GMT on Wednesday 6th February 2006 and 11.59hrs GMT on 10 March, 2006.'

To view details of the tournament head to

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Is it just me or does the link ( 404?
Is it just me or does the link ( 404?

Not sure, it seems to link okay for me, if anyone else has any problems let me know.

I've downloaded the gamercard! Bring it on!