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PES 2010: Master League evolves

by Steven Williamson on 22 July 2009, 17:07

Tags: Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, Xbox 360, PS3, Sports

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Konami reveals expanded managerial elements for Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, including new fiscal, sponsorship, and youth team elements.

Master League has proven one of the key attributes to the PES series’ longevity, and PES 2010 will introduce a number of new elements that hopes tol contribute to the overall realism and lasting appeal of the new game.

On selecting the Master League option, players are now presented with a menu split into three areas: ‘Club House’, ‘Stadium Walk’, and ‘Office’. Each of these is an umbrella for different parts of a manager’s role, with ‘Club House’ used for tactical and match day options, ‘Stadium Walk’ for main game settings, and ‘Office’ for scouting and player acquisition dealings.

The in-game menus are said to be much simpler to navigate. The Club House element has also seen the creation of an all-new Youth Team section, which works alongside the first team squad. As the game progresses, the player can opt to invest in talented members of their youth team to fast-track their development. This burgeoning talent can then be introduced into the first team, as with so many real-life ‘academies.’

The Office area is where all transfer and financial dealings take place. Real currency is now used in PES 2010, and additional monetary routes are also available. Sponsorships can now be negotiated, with player securing big money deals with companies that can be used to invest in the team and youth set-up. Results on field affect the direct value of the club tio interested parties, and fan clubs are also used as a barometer of the club’s success.

Konami claims that the next iteration in the Pro Evolution series will be the "most challenging, realistic and satisfying PES to date." The proof will be in the tasting when PES 2010 arrives in Autumn 2009.

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great news. finaly they bothered to evolve this mode since PES03