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Aliens versus Predator announced

by Steven Williamson on 12 February 2009, 09:36

Tags: Sega (TYO:6460), Xbox 360, PSP, PS3, Action/Adventure

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SEGA is already, supposedly, at work on the much delayed Aliens: Colonial Marines, yet today heralds the announcement of another game in the franchise that is due for release in early 2010.

SEGA will publish an all-new Aliens vs. Predator game and behind its development will be Rebellion, creators of the original 1999 Aliens versus Predator.

SEGA has recently cut 20% of its workforce, mainly from its research and development sectors and this has led it to the decision to "strategically updated the release of the other upcoming Aliens titles currently in development within its portfolio."

In Layman's terms, we guess this means that the first person shooter, Aliens: Colonial Marines won't see the light of day any time soon.

“The innovative new AvP game presents an exciting opportunity for us,” says CEO of SEGA West, Naoya Tsurumi, “It represents a fantastic addition to our growing Aliens franchise and the reinvention of one of gaming’s most cherished iconic titles. By adjusting the release of our other Aliens titles to accommodate it, SEGA will ensure that every title lives up to the high expectations of Aliens and AvP fans.”

SEGA will announce further details of the new Aliens vs. Predator very soon.

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Cool, they have a good house behind them, Rebellion done Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, From Russia with Love (PSP) and Sniper Elite to name a few. They are really good when it comes to playable games and creating the right atmosphere, they captured the feel of Mega City 1 in Dredd Vs Death perfect. To make things even better they are British also!!!!

I never ended up buying AvP (original) the demo's were soooo difficult! Lovely looking game for the time though and great to play when you wern't getting eaten or spat at.. or spat at then eaten.
I loved AvP, one of my fav games back then. the second was pretty good too. It would be nice to see what they come up with now, we'll defo buy it if rated well!
loved the first two avp games.. hopefully this one will be just as good.
i do have hope since one of my good friends is working on this game :)
As long as they capture the fun of the multiplayer side, that was awesome in the original!!