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Dark Void - PC, Xbox 360, PS3

by Nick Haywood on 17 July 2008, 14:58

Tags: Dark Void, Capcom (TYO:9697), PC, Xbox 360, PS3, FPS

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Zero-G fights and adventure

Dark Void is a new sci-fi action-adventure game that blends aerial and on-foot combat in a parallel universe called The Void... which is also a bit dark too, I guess. Capcom say players will take on the role of Will, who, on a routine air cargo flight, crashes in the Bermuda triangle and ends up trapped in the Void.

As you’d expect, you soon find yourself in a desperate struggle for survival at the head of a group called The Survivors. Trapped in the Void, these resistance fighters are battling to hold off a mysterious alien race that plans to threaten Earth.

Check out the trailer for a taster and take a look at the screenshots on the following pages.