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Deer Hunter franchise coming to Xbox 360 in Autumn

by Steven Williamson on 18 June 2008, 09:11

Tags: Sports Hunting Deer Hunter, Atari (EPA:ATA), Action/Adventure

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Atari knows what the public want! We don't want to watch animals in the wild and take pictures of them (aka Afrika), that's not a video game. We want to shoot them, chase after them with 9-barrel shot-guns, perch on hill-tops armed with a sniper rifle ready to a pop bullet between the eyes of a Gazelle. Now that's a videogame, right?

Well, fear not my blood-thirsty friends, it's coming this Autumn in the form of Deer Hunter Tournament, a multiplayer hunting game for Xbox 360 and PC.

The multiplayer offering will be designed to create a massive network of Deer Hunter players by offering for the first time ever in hunting games organised tournaments for Xbox 360 and PC.

The virtual hunting experience will take gamers to some of the most most prestigious hunting locations in the world where you'll hunt exotic and sought after big-game trophy animals.

The game will feature different game modes, such as stealth or adrenaline, or employ an array of master hunting strategies, including building stands and blinds, to track and shoot their targets.

We can expect scouting missions that give us a chance to explore the cast maps and monitor animals habits and open hunting sessions where you can head out and bag yourself anything that takes your fancy.

Additional features include an arsenal of new weapons with bullet time slow motion replay and thermal scopes. Effects in the game are said to capture awe inspiring wildlife moments like hawks swooping down to snatch fish from lakes - but hunters must also be wary of bears, moose, mountain lions and other dangerous predators who will stalk and attack.

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