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Robotic dinosaurs attack in Atlus's Xbox 360 strategy rpg

by Steven Williamson on 14 May 2008, 10:36

Tags: Atlus USA, RPG

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US publisher, Atlus, has announced that it's robotic dinosaur strategy role-playing game, Zoids Assault will be released on Xbox 360 on the 26th August 2008.

The game doesn't yet have a UK publisher, so it's uncertain whether it will see the light of day outside of the US, but we certainly hope so.

In the game you manage a team of elite war machines through a campaign of military conflicts. Atlus say that the game will have advanced upgrade and customisation options combined with challenging objective-based gameplay , which will offer a fresh new strategy RPG and a daring new vision of the long-running Zoids universe.

When war broke out between the world's two main superpowers, the Guylos Empire and the Republic of Helic, the effects rippled across the globe, dragging other nations into the fight. Two such nations were Maroll and Jamil.

During the war, Maroll's attacks on the neighboring Jamil were devastating, and even a decade after the war had ended, Jamil's economy and infrastructure hadn't fully recovered. Animosity, paranoia, and mutual mistrust between the two nations hindered their ability to find a common ground and complete their peace talks. For ten long years, the two nations found themselves in the middle of a cold war.

After a mysterious explosion at one of Maroll's military bases, two covert ops teams are sent into Jamil territory, their exact mission details never disclosed. Somehow, the events of the present are inextricably linked to the past-to the final days of the war, ten years ago...

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- Command a Zoid army - Take control of a fleet of giant biomechanical life forms that blend the assets of beast and machine to create fierce weapons of war.
- Advanced military tactics - Facing armies that far outnumber you means optimizing your tactical advantages. Mastering the concentrated fire tactic, managing the scan gauge and support tactics, and utilizing the Electromagnetic Pulse System will be crucial to your survival.
- First-class customization - Take your units to the next level with upgrades, including melee weapons, rockets, rifles, machine guns, shotguns, cannons, and more

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