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NAMCO BANDAI bring Dragon Ball Z series to Xbox 360 and PS3

by Steven Williamson on 17 January 2008, 09:03

Tags: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit, Atari (EPA:ATA), Xbox 360, PS3, Beat 'em up

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Lightning fast fighting action

The immensely popular Dragon Ball Z anime series, which has sold over 11 million units worldwide across 30 different videogames, is set for a new installment on PS3 and Xbox 360.
Developed by NAMCO BANDAI and published by Atari, Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit will feature the trademark lightning fast fighting action and will also include online multiplayer.Atari claim that they are revolutionizing the series with next-gen graphics that will blur the line between the videogame and the anime series.

"Atari is excited and ready to offer fans the next iteration of the Dragon Ball Z video game series on the next-gen consoles," said Donny Clay, Producer, Atari, Inc. "With explosive cinematic graphics and online gameplay, fans of the series and of the fighting genre will surely enjoy Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit."

The first screenshots have been released:

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

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An official release date has yet to be confirmed, but Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit is slated for a 2008 release.

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once again i cant click the link from work but i have been trying to keep track of the Dragonball Z MMO to be console released on PS3/XBOX which i cant wait for. Fair enough there with be a HUGE abundance of Saiyan's but at the end of the day: who wants to play the token Namek :D
I'm looking forward to the Bleach game a bit more than this one, although saying that the screenshots do look pretty good.