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WarHawk - Playstation 3

by Steven Williamson on 25 April 2007, 11:12

Tags: Sony Online Entertainment (NYSE:SNE), Shoot 'em up

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New screenshots from the aerial combat game

In Warhawk, players experience the thrill of white-knuckle aerial combat with swarms of enemy fighters, bone-crunching armored assaults and high-intensity infantry combat in a massive, all-out war fought both on the ground and in the skies.

Warhawk delivers high definition warfare and multi-modal combat exclusively through online gaming, allowing players to battle against and alongside the Warhawk online community. Through various gameplay modes such as Team Deathmatch, Territories Mode and Capture the Flag, players engage in cooperative online play or fend for themselves against a barrage of enemies in thrilling combat.

Check out these brand new screenshots:

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