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Reservoir Dogs advert set to cause a storm

by Steven Williamson on 14 August 2006, 13:34

Tags: Eideos Interactive Reservoir Dogs on Xbox , Action/Adventure

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We don't know whether to laugh or cry at these two latest adverts for Reservoir Dogs, due to be released on PC, PS2 and Xbox this September. It's unclear whether these ads are officially from the developer's Eidos or whether someone took it upon themselves to re-create the scenes. We'd guess that Eidos have something to do with it as it's obviously meant to shock and bring exposure to the videogame.

We're not particularly shocked at the movie which depicts a foul-mouthed scene from the film, exchaging the main characters for a granny and two kids, but that's probably because this sort of viral campaign is becoming more and more frequent in the videogames industry.

Should we feel guilty for finding it decide?

Source : Both videos can be found at : Spong

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Thank You for that it was great!!!

haha that was awesome looks a quality game will be buying it on release
:shocked2: How long do you think it'll be until that gets banned?

Typical Daily Mail type (my mum): “And you say it doesn't influence kids!” :D
i almost cried that was sooooooo funnny