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Guitar Hero for the PS2 launches today!

by Steven Williamson on 7 April 2006, 10:18

Tags: Guitar Hero, RedOctane, PS2

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The best musical game ever

Leicester Square was the venue for a public performance of Red Octane's Guitar Hero for PS2, to celebrate the release of the rock and roll game. 25-year-old Luke Albiges from Bournemouth performed for two hours using a live music kit comprising the replica Gibson SG guitar, a portable power pack, traditional amplifier, PlayStation 2 with Joytech LCD screen, and a copy of the game.

If you haven't read about Guitar Hero, you won't want to miss our review. If you haven't got a PS2, it's worth buying one just to play this awesome game.

The secret of Guitar Hero is simple. While most games are designed to be played, Guitar Hero is meant to be rocked. It allows PlayStation 2 owners to perform 30 fully licensed classic rock songs on a unique guitar peripheral, modelled on the classic Gibson SG. Once strapped on, the controller becomes the ultimate way to jam, making players not just feel like rock gods, but look like them, too. Guitar Hero also boasts 17 additional songs from up and coming artists and eight additional Gibson guitars, which can be unlocked throughout the game.
Guitar Hero is released today in the UK, priced Ā£49.99.

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I've got my copy reserved, and I'll be jamming away all weekend!

Check out the Headline for more info.
i've played this on import

can be rather tricky, since you have to coordinate both hands totoally differently whilst watching the screen - helps if you already have a clue how to play guitar
Yep, this is out today and trust us… this IS a must buy game!

Check out the review for our thoughts, but don't take our word for it, just go and buy a copy… NOW!
it's always hard to justify £50 for a game, though

and when you hear someone playing “smoke on the wayer” for 2 hours straight, it starts to get on yer nerves a bit

i'm waiting for a conbination of eyetoy, guitar hero, DDR and singstar \o/
Im sure you could manage to fit Buzz in there somwhere too :p