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Jetion join the concert with Guitar Hero

by Nick Haywood on 13 March 2006, 18:27

Tags: Guitar Hero, RedOctane, PS2

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Loosely based on the Firebird... we think...

HEXUS.CEBIT Those guys at Jetion are producing a new guitar for the hugely popular Guitar Hero PS2 game. Loosely based, we think, on a Gibson Firebird, the Jetion guitar controller differs slightly from the Gibson SG supplied with Guitar Hero.

The strum bar rocker is doesn’t have that micro-switch ‘click’ and the vibrato arm has been replaced by a wobble stick up on the corner which you wang around with your wrist. To be honest, though you’re holding a model guitar, the response and accuracy are very similar to playing Guitar Hero with a joypad (which is possible)… Perhaps Jetion don’t have the technology to reproduce Guitar Hero’s Gibson SG and this is essentially a heavily modded PS2 controller?

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