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New TimeShift PS3 screens and multiplayer info

by Nick Haywood on 14 August 2007, 18:27

Tags: TimeShift, Vivendi Universal Interactive (NYSE:VIV), PC, Xbox 360, FPS

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Ok, so you know all about TimeShift, that FPS from Vivendi that should be with us in the next month or so, but did you know that they’ve managed to get the TimeShifting abilities into the multiplayer too?

No? Thought not.

Ok, so using TimeShifting abilities in any sort of multiplayer game was always going to be problematic, after all, what happens to other players when you go into remind? Do they all go backwards too? How about if you slow down time for yourself? Do you go faster than everyone else or do they all go slower while you move at normal speed…

Click for larger image

Getting that right and getting it playable and fun was going to be, at best, bloody hard if not impossible. Anyway, I’ve gotten off the phone with a chap who’s been playing the multiplayer for TimeShift this very afternoon and he’s telling me that they’ve managed to get a TimeShift of sorts into the multiplayer.

What you’ve got is Time grenades (or some such kind of name) that you program just as you would your suit. So they can stop or slow down time… You lob them into the path of an enemy and when they blow he becomes trapped in a time bubble of your making…

Click for larger image

So, you could freeze him, run up, unload a full clip into the bubble and when it expires, your unlucky opponent gets the whole unloaded clip in one instant, devastating hail of fire. Or you could slow him down and watch him squirm as he tries to run though treacle as you nip ahead, grab the flag and make like a cheetah on steroids as he watches from his slow-mo entombment.

There is a get out clause though, something to help the victims avoid a fate of slow-motion taunting or frozen time multi-bullet death. Hitting the rewind button just as or before the grenade explodes, giving you a short space of time to avoid the trap…

Anyway, we’ll be seeing more of TimeShift at Leipzig next week so for now, enjoy these new PS3 Screens.

Click for larger image