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HEXUS.winners win4FREE competitions : Racing Team Manager & Soundcard giveaway

by Steven Williamson on 17 July 2008, 12:21

Tags: Kalypso Media, Racing

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Extensive racing management sim now available

Racing Team Manager, the first racing manager for PC in six years has hit retail, giving gamers the chance to take control of the whole race experience, from sponsor negotiation to researching cutting edge technology to give you that edge on the track.

Racing Team Manager is the extensive management simulation for racing enthusiasts allowing you to take control of a team, or establish a racing team of your own

As the boss of the team, you get to decide on the right strategy and manage the success of your drivers on racing weekends. You keep an overview during training, qualification, and actual races. Every tenth of a second counts – and you're the boss!

• Extensive management simulation for racing enthusiasts
• Take over an existing team, or establish your own racing team
• Construct your own cars from 16 different components
• Get involved and give instructions in the ongoing race
• Multiplayer mode for up to 2 players via LAN or internet
• 17 racetracks, more than 170 drivers and 370 other team members
• Editor for adapting driver and team properties

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