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Omega Sektor closes its doors : Where did it all go wrong?

by Nick Haywood on 9 October 2008, 21:15

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The UK's largest LAN centre announces its closure

Omega Sektor, the UK's largest LAN centre in its Birmingham outlet, has shut it's doors, apparently due to the high cost of setting up and running the centre.

Omega Sektor opened it's doors in August 2007 and since then has played host to several gaming events such as the Codemasters Connect 08 and the CGS series UK finals. But it appears that even these prestigious, sponsored event hostings may have not brought in sufficient cash to make it worth keeping the centre open.

Omega Sektor was originally conceived in conjunction with the UK's first pro-gamer, Sujoy Roy and IGUK founder, Dominic Mulroy. Funding for the centre was from an investment company based in Kazakhstan. Roy left Omega Sektor to manage the CGS team, London Mint, (a job he resigned in April 2008, apparently 'to pursue other opportunities') with Mulroy also leaving to set up and manage Gamerbase in HMV, Trocadero.

Several calls to both the Birmingham and smaller Harrow centre have gone unanswered, suggesting that the following e-mail, purportedly from a now ex-Harrow Omega Sektor employee has more than a kernel of truth in it (excuse his spelling and grammar):

Hi there, a gaming cafe like your has just recently closed down in Harrow (london).
It was called Omega Sektor, there were 2 branches, 1 in harrow and 1 in Birmingham.
but omega sektor was closed down due to owed money because of Birmingham omega sektor costed alot to build.
the omega sektor in harrow had a lot of customers tho, for internet and for gaming. on friday and saturdays we used to have over 30 people for allnighters which last from 11pm - 8am. we charged customers £12 for the allnighters, business from that was a sucsess.
reason why im writing you this email is because this is a oppertinity for you (gamerbase) to replace omega sektor in harrow.
you will have many gamers all day and night. this is the truth, i know because i work in omega sektor in harrow untill today when it was closed down.
so take this oppertinity seriously and pass this email onto your manager or possibly the owner of gamerbase.
this is great oppertinity you shouldnt turn down!

So where did it all go wrong? Omega Sektor was lauded as being the future of UK LAN centres, a central point for the UK PC community and a host for some of the world's biggest gaming tournaments.

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