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Get yourself a real wooden Fender for Rock Band

by Nick Haywood on 11 August 2008, 14:48

Tags: Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), Mad Catz (NYSEAMEX:MCZ), Xbox 360, PS3, Wii

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I'm not musical, I don't have the patience to spend hours and hours learing to read music and then even more hours learing to play an instrument... plus my podgy fingers mean that picking out individual strings on a guitar is practically impossible. So the likes of Eric Clapton, Ry Cooder and BB King can rest easy. But that hasn't stopped me from being able to appreciate electric guitars and above all loving the looks and lines of the Fender Stratocaster. Not just because of it's iconic status in music history but because it's a damn fine guitar... which did define an entire generation of guitarists and is still incredibly popular today.

So why is a musical ignoramous like me banging on about Fender? Well you see there's Rock Band, which has you playing a couple of plastic Fender replicas. In my Rock Band review I commented on the excellent build quality and feel of the guitars but it looks like someone just wasn't happy with leaving it at that.

Yes, those Mad Catz bods are at it again and this time they've come up with something very special. A full size wooden Fender Stratocaster. Yep, this is the real deal... all wood construction with the Rock Band electronics inside to replace the usual Fender gadgetry. Now you might well think this is something of an overkill for a video game, and to some extent you'd be right. But honestly, given the choice between one of these or plastic version, I think we all know which one we'd prefer.

There's no news on pricing yet, which would obviously be a key factor in whether or not you got one but for now, how about just gazing at this thing of beauty in it's lovely sunburst orange? And for all you bassists out there, why not check out the next page, there's a treat for you guys over there...