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Windows XP SP3 includes Black Hole Router detection

by Nick Haywood on 7 August 2008, 13:10

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XP SP3 gives more stability in your online games

You've probably encountered this problem before... You try to log onto your favourite game but it takes multiple attempts and then, once you do get in, you get kicked right in the middle of a crucial fight? And all support can tell you is that it’s something with the network even though you know there’s nothing wrong with your connection?

It could be that you are suffering from a problem which has been the subject of discussion across many games forums for some time: Black Hole Routers.

No-one knows for sure if Black Holes actually exist… theoretically they do and , according to some scienetists, the existence of Black Holes would account for the massive discrepancy in the weight of the universe but you’ve never really thing that a Black Hole would affect gaming… I mean, if there were one nearby we’d probably know about it. After all, suffering the gravitational pull of an object so dense that light cannot escape from it would have fairly dramatic effects on the human body, not to mention playing havoc with the weather and probably causing the trains to run late.

But I digress. Black Hole Routers is the term that’s been coined for the problem of mysterious data loss, disconnects and inconsistencies in connections to encrypted channels. For those of you using XP you might have experienced problems with certain ISPs but each time been told there’s no issue at either end… and all the various troubleshooting tools also report an all-clear.