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Hundreds of Wii and DS titles set for release in Q4

by Steven Williamson on 26 September 2008, 10:09

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Hundreds of titles to choose from, most of which look rubbish.

Nintendo has released a ridiculously mammoth list of games due for release on Wii and DS in Quarter 4.

Amongst the highlights on Wii include LEGO Batman: The videogame, due for release on October 10th, Wii Music on November 14th, Star Wars: The Clone Years and Call of Duty: World at War.

DS owners can look forward to the likes of GTA Chinatown Wars, EXIT by Square Enix and the next instalment in the popular Ace Attonry series, Ace Attorney: Trails and Tribulations.

Wii Software lineup for 2008

Runaway the Dream of the Turtle (Focus Home Interactive) 25th September 2008
Wild Earth: African Safari (Majesco / Codemaster) 25th September 2008
Family Trainer (Namco Bandai) 26th September 2008
Wario Land: The Shake Dimension (Nintendo) 26th September 2008
My Pet Hotel (dtp Young Entertainment) 26th September 2008
Brothers in Arms Double Time (Ubisoft) 26th September 2008
Detective Conan: The Mirapolis Investigation (Nobilis) September 2008
FIFA 09 (EA) 3rd October 2008
SimCity Creator (EA) 2nd October 2008
Order Up (ZOO) 3rd October 2008
CID The Dummy (Oxygen Games) 10th October 2008
Bratz: Girls Really Rock! (THQ) 10th October 2008
Twin Strike: Operation Thunder (ZOO) 10th October 2008
TNA Impact (Midway Games) 10th October 2008
LEGO Batman: The videogame (Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment) 10th October 2008
Cabela’s – Trophy Bucks (Activision) 17th October 2008
Rapala’s Fishing Frenzey (Activision) 17th October 2008
Avatar: The Last Airbender – Into The Inferno (THQ) 17th October 2008
Naked Brothers Band (THQ) 17th October 2008
Littlest Pet Shop (EA) 17th October 2008
Disaster: Day of Crisis (Nintendo) 24th October 2008
Moto GP 08 (Capcom) 24th October 2008
SpongeBob Squarepants: Globs of Doom (THQ) 24th October 2008
Tak: Guardians of Gross (THQ) 24th October 2008
Klaus Gronewalds Sports Challenge (Oxygen Games) 26th October 2008
MySims Kingdom (EA) 31st October 2008
Legend of Sayuki (505 Games) 31st October 2008
James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace (Activison) 31st October 2008
More Game Party (Midway Games) 31st October 2008
Puzzler Collection (Ubisoft) 31st October 2008
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (Activision) October 2008
Bratz Kids Party (Game Factory) October 2008
Build A Bear-Workshop© (Game Factory) October 2008
RUBIKS™ Puzzle World (Game Factory) October 2008
SNK Arcade Classic Vol. 1 (Ignition) October 2008
Wii Cheers (Namco Bandai) October 2008
Boogie Superstar (EA) October 2008
Fritz Chess (Gammick Entertainment) October 2008
Deadly Creatures (THQ) October 2008
Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Matter (Vivendi Games) October 2008
The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of The Dragon (Vivendi Games) October 2008
Blast Works (Eidos) Oct – Nov 2008
Wonderworld Amusement Park (Eidos / Majesco) Oct – Nov 2008
My Horse and Me 2 (Atari) Autumn 2008
PC Adventure Safecracker (JoWooD) Autumn 2008
Call of Duty: World at War (Activision) Autumn 2008
Petz Sports: Dog Playground (Ubisoft) Autumn 2008
World of Goo (RTL entertainment) Q3 2008
Margot’s Word Brain (ZOO) 1st November 2008
WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 (THQ) 7th November 2008
Trauma Center: New Blood (Nintendo) 7th November 2008
Imagine Champion Rider (Ubisoft) 11th November 2008
Big Beach Sports Special Edition (THQ) 13th November 2008
Wii Music (Nintendo) 14th November 2008
Army Men: Soldiers of Misfortune (ZOO) 14th November 2008
All Star Cheer (THQ) 14th November 2008
Kung Fu Panda – Legendary Warrior (Activision) 14th November 2008
Yamaha Supercross (ZOO) 14th November 2008
Need for Speed Undercover (EA) 21st November 2008
Skate It (EA) 21st November 2008
Hasbro Family Games Night (EA) 20th November 2008
Barbie House Adventures: Summer Camp (Activision) 21st November 2008
Shrek’s Carnival of Fun (Activision) 21st November 2008
World Championship off Road Racing (Activision) 21st November 2008
Horse Life 2 (Koch Media / Deep Silver) 28th November 2008
Babies Party (Ubisoft) 28th November 2008
My Vet Practice (dtp Young Entertainment) November 2008
(19th September – DE)
Disney Sing It (Disney Interactive Studios) November 2008
Petz: Monkey Madness (Ubisoft) November 2008
Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party (Ubisoft) November 2008
Hells Kitchen (Ubisoft) November 2008
Pet Vet (DTP / Eidos) November 2008
Tchtonik: World Tour (Koch Media / Deep Silver) November 2008
Shaun White Snowboard (Ubisoft) November 2008
Zoo Hospital (Majesco / Codemaster) November 2008
Sonic Unleashed (SEGA) November 2008
Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars (Gamecock Media) November 2008
Lost In Blue Shipwrecked (Konami) November 2008
Pop Star Guitar (Midway Games) November 2008
Disney Sing It: High School Musical (Disney Interactive Studios) 4th December 2008
Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 European Version (TOMY / Nintendo) December
Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City (Nintendo) December 2008
Top Trumps Doctor Who (Eidos) December 2008
King Of Fighters Anthology (Ignition) December 2008
King of Fighters Collection (Ignition) December 2008
Samurai Showdown Anthology (Ignition) December 2008
The Magic Roundabout (Koch Media / Deep Silver) December 2008
My Animal Centre (Koch Media / BrainGame) December 2008
Bolt (Disney Interactive Studios) Christmas 2008
Disney Think Fast (Disney Interactive Studios) Christmas 2008
Guitar Hero: World Tour (Complete Band Game) (Activision) Winter 2008
Guitar Hero: World Tour (Complete Guitar Game) (Activision) Winter 2008
Star Wars The Clone Years: Lightsaber Duels (Activision) Winter 2008
Carnival Games: Mini Golf (2K Games) Q4 2008
Dora saves Snow Princess (2K Games) Q4 2008
High School Musical: Senior Year DANCE! (Disney Interactive Studios) Q4 2008
Don King Presents Prizefighter (2K Sports) Q4 2008
Mr Bean Wacky World of Wii (Matertronic) Q4 2008
Rouge Trooper: The Quartz Zone Massacre (Reef Entertainment) Q4 2008
Brave: A Warriors Tale (SouthPeak Games) Q4 2008
Igor (Koch Media / Deep Silver) Q4 2008

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