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Enlighten, the revolutionary radiosity lighting engine for PS3 and Xbox 360

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Press release

Thursday 14th February/...Geomerics has announced the completion of its Software Development Kit (SDK) for Enlighten, the revolutionary radiosity lighting engine for PLAYSTATION 3, the Xbox 360 entertainment system from Microsoft and PC. Enlighten’s SDK comprises a modular toolkit with an emphasis on easy integration into existing development frameworks. It also boasts intuitive operation designed with artists in mind and full support for industry standard packages such as 3D Studio Max and Maya for maximum operability.

Enlighten’s radiosity solution represents a generational step in videogame graphics technology, surpassing all currently popular lighting techniques. Radiosity is the ability to model light as it bounces from surfaces and is key to generating high quality visual images. Current technologies for generating radiosity lighting involve either pre-computing it in advance, or faking it with multiple hidden lights. These methods are typically inflexible, time-consuming and often generate poor results.

Enlighten computes full multiple-bounce radiosity at runtime, giving developers the quality of pre-computed lighting without the pre-compute. In-game lighting can also be fully dynamic, giving designers a powerful new tool with huge potential for enhancing the atmosphere and mood of any scene. Additionally, Enlighten’s instantaneous feedback means that artists are freed up to experiment with light, shadow and colour in dramatic new ways – just as if they were using real lights on a studio set.

Gary Lewis, CEO, Geomerics comments “We are overjoyed to be announcing the launch of the Enlighten SDK. With our SDK completed we are looking forward to seeing Enlighten gaining the support it deserves within the games industry. We are certain that once developers get their hands on the SDK and experiment with it for themselves, they will see the true power and versatility of Enlighten and the huge potential it has for revolutionising the look of videogames for years to come.”