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Blaze To Release PSP Xploder Movie Player And Media Centre For Sony PSP

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Manage your media

Blaze To Release PSP Xploder Movie Player And Media Centre For Sony PSP - Manage Your Media

Fire International today announced the release of their new PSP Xploder Movie Player and Media Centre PC software and USB cable for the new Sony PSP console.

PSP Xploder Movie Player and Media Centre is a movie-conversion, media-management and game-enhancement kit available for anyone with a PSP console, connecting your PC to the PSP and giving you full control.

Skinned with a stylish intuitive interface, PSP Xploder Movie Player and Media Centre gives you access to a full suite of functions that are easy to use and allow you to:

* Manage media files and PSP game saves.

* Import CD collection to MP3 for playback on PSP

* Automatic naming of artist, album and tracks of your imported CD

* Convert your PC movie files (MPEG 1 & 2, AVI, MOV etc) for playback on PSP

* Copy, delete, download and upload saves and media files between PC, Memory Stick and online database.

* Drag and drop MP3's from iTunes straight into PSP Xploder Movie Player and Media Centre

* Catalogue your MP3's by artist or genre on PC, and then simply copy to your PSP

* Copy, delete and backup your PSP compatible movie files.

* Backup important files to PC, and save storage space on your Memory Stick.

* Included Cheat saves allow you to unlock levels, access new characters, tracks and more.

* Uses proprietary PSP save format - .gsp.

* Arrange your JPEGs running order and copy to PSP

* Rename .JPEG extension files to JPG for PSP compatibility

* Displays Game name and save name- No need to decipher the PSP gamesave name system (Save folders for Ridge Racer for example are called"ULJS00001100")

* Drag and drop files for ease of use.

* Rename, add or edit game save descriptions.

* Capacity bar to show available free space on Memory Stick.

PSP Xploder Movie Player and Media Centre online capabilities help keep you updated with the latest XSaves and the freshest media content:

* Download latest XSaves for new releases- get ahead in your new games instantly

* Download new Media and gamesave content for playback on PSP.

* RSS Feed keeps you constantly updated letting you know the latest XSaves and media files available for download

* Unique Internet login system helps prevents piracy

* Comprehensive search function across online database

Managing Director of Fire International, Jason Cooper, said "PSP XploderMovie Player and Media Centre is the most comprehensive media management and game enhancement tool available for PSP owners, and is a must for anyone with a PC and PSP".

PSP Xploder Movie Player and Media Centre will be available at the end of Q2 and will cost £19.99.

About Fire International Ltd
Fire International is the leading developer of gaming utility software and console peripherals for all major formats, including PlayStation 2,PSP, XBOX, GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS. Since 1993 Fire International has strived to research and develop innovative technologies that are both world-leading technically and fun and easy to use for the consumer. The Xploder brand is widely recognised as the leading cheat system in the UK, and its technology powers the world famous GameShark brand for Mad Catz in the US, and Xterminator for Gametech in Japan.