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Guitar Hero 2(II) hits Europe in November

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EIEF 2006 RedOctane can today confirm news which will have the whole of Europe banging their heads with joy: Guitar Hero II, the acclaimed follow-up to Guitar Hero, will be available in Europe in November 2006 – shortly after its American release date.

“We’re absolutely overjoyed to be able to announce that the European release is as close to the US street date we can possibly make it,” says Dave Noble, business development director, RedOctane. “RedOctane is now in a position to be able to deliver Guitar Hero II to games players all over the world at roughly the same time – and we’re committed to ensuring the widest possible range of tunes to anyone with a Guitar Hero Gibson SG controller.”

[advert] Guitar Hero II will be available as a hardware bundle complete with replica Gibson SG controller, or as a standalone disc – so anyone who owns the original game can enjoy this latest release within the Guitar Hero family.

As well as more songs, more locations and a whole lot more rocking, Guitar Hero II will boast additional multiplayer modes in which two guitarists can play lead and rhythm or bass tracks separately – for that proper band experience.

The final tracklist has yet to be announced, but RedOctane promises a heady mix of classic and contemporary rock – along with a few surprises.


At the first ever European showing at EIEF 2006, whilst playing 'You really got me' by the Kinks, HEXUS.gaming failed miserably in attempting to wow the press and delegates at the after-show networking party. In fact Steven W didn't even finish his song as he was heckled off by a bunch of tipsy journos. Hey! They cranked up the difficulty after they found out he plays the guitar...we want a re-match!

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Aww very cute, congrats :)
many congratulations you must be proper happy congrats! :)
If you don't mind me asking, that's an unusual middle name, where did it come from?
If you don't mind me asking, that's an unusual middle name, where did it come from?

Well we wanted to call her May, however its the month my other half was born, so we decided on the same thing, just spelt differently :)
Hello Emily and congratulations Madman045. :mexican:
May is a great month to be born in BTW. :D