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Tornado, putting the wind up Nintendo DS owners this Autumn

Tags: Ignition Entertainment, Action/Adventure

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Press release

 Ignition Entertainment is pleased to announce the European release of Tornado exclusively for the Nintendo DS.

The devious collector of planets, only known as the ‘The Prince’, has set his evil intentions to Planet Earth. But this planet is like no other he has conquered. Filled with an uncontrollable desire to possess items from this unique world, he lets loose his ultimate weapon – the Black Hole Device – to suck up all the desirable items from Earth and transport them back to his home planet.

Equipped with their ‘Tornado Machines’, Toki and his Cosmic Cleaners are normally charged with sucking up and disposing of litter, but today they have a higher purpose – take back what is rightfully ours!!

Will the Cosmic Cleaners be able to take on ‘The Prince’ and reclaim Earths items? We certainly hope so!!!

Tornado is a game that has great appeal, likeable characters and engrossing gameplay’, says Peter Rollinson, Product Manager, Ignition Entertainment Ltd. ‘see for yourself, take it for a spin (sorry!)’

‘Skonec a leading game development company in Korea and we are so happy to see "Tornado" being released to the European market.’ said  Skonec Producer JeongHwoan Choi. "We are very excited to be working with Ignition Entertainment to bring Tornado to the Nintendo DS"

For further information please visit: www.ignitionent.com

Tornado will be available Autumn ’08 exclusively for the Nintendo DS