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THEY - Just another first person shooter?

by Steven Williamson on 5 September 2007, 10:27

Tags: FPS

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Just another Sci-fi FPS?

Games Convention 2007 We're still catching up with news from the Games Convention in Leipzig! One of the new first person shooters on show behind closed doors was 'THEY' for PC and next-generation consoles, a title which the developers claim won't be 'just another Sci-Fi FPS.'

Check out this short Q&A and new screenshots (excuse the broken English, it isn't their native language):

1) Does the world need another science fiction first person shooter?
This is a question, where nearly every player would answer in a different way, as it is a matter of taste – the same with WWII Shooters. But as THEY is not only a Sci-Fi shooter, it's a nexgen mystery FPS, so THEY will be different from a 'just another Sci-Fi shooter' image. If you like to compare, it is best to think about the scripting and atmosphere of FEAR, where Monolith did a great job, transferred into another story and moved away from horror to mystery. Of course Sci-Fi (and WWII) scenarios are very common, but on the other hand these are successful! Why should any team invent the wheel in a new way, if the current one is still up and running?

2) What are 'THEY'?
Everybody wants to know what THEY are, what THEY do, where THEY come from – but all about them will be quite unclear in the beginning. So this will be pure fun for each player, like watching a mystery series such as Lost or Heroes. He might know what happens next, but he cannot be sure – and this is what we want to transport in THEY to each gamer!

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

3) Can you tell us a bit more about the weapons in THEY?
Without naming so many things of the weapon yet, you might think of a soldier in every war. He only wears some few weapons – mostly knife, gun and maybe pistol. Common FPS games are really unrealistic in that point of view, that a soldier is really able to wear 10 more or less heavy guns at the same time (or he must be HULK to carry them all). In THEY you will have this one weapon, where you identify yourself with, which you can customize and enhance it based on YOUR needs and preferences! You will be able to store setups, so you have the expected control system with keys 1-0 to have access to different types of weapon setups – but it still will be YOUR buddy, YOUR best friend, YOUR WEAPON. The appearance will change dramatically, but you are still able to identify yourself with the weapon. So what we will bring to the genre is some more realistic and believable approach in sort of weapon handling. The fear of players, to have only one gun can be easily refuted, as you have hundreds of combinations which you can store and customize at your own discretion – to create YOUR perfect weapon setup, store it to the expected keys 1-0 and have access to them at all time! So each player will have the weapons of HIS choice, a large variation to be used based on needed functions (gameplay relevant decision!) and need not to get along with standard weapons – this is something unique and new to the genre and will grant more freedom for each player! On the other hand, if someone WANTS his standard 'pumpgun/rifle/Ak47' feeling, he is able to create that…but when he will figure out the fun and possibilities from our new weapon system he will get used to it soon.