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Sonic Unleashed - Xbox 360, PS3, Wii

by Steven Williamson on 4 April 2008, 07:26

Tags: Sonic Unleashed, Sega (TYO:6460), Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Action/Adventure

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Zipping up its boots, going back to its roots

It looks as though SEGA has learnt its lesson from Sonic The Hedgehogs last, rather disappointing, outing on 'next-gen' console. For the next iteration in the much-loved series it's going back to Sonic's roots and merging the classic 2D gameplay with a brand new game engine.

SEGA has ditched the last game engine and Sonic Unleashed will be built on a powerful new “Hedgehog Engine”, which introduces 3D to classic 2D camera transitions, whilst delivering an expansive world with multiple paths to choose from. The title has been under development for three year and SEGA say that the Hedgehog Engine "produces a visually rich next generation look and feel with elements of classic Sonic gameplay mechanics. The Hedgehog engine will help re-define the gameplay experience for Sonic fans and newcomers to the franchise alike.

The story once again involves the evil Dr.Eggman and it’s down to Sonic to put the pieces of the world back together again by retrieving the power of the chaos emeralds. In doing so, Sonic will find himself in a race against time and faced with an unusual situation that will apparently challenge him in ways never before seen. Hmmm, sounds interesting.

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The opportunity to engage in Sonic in different ways during the day and night time levels brings a completely original way of playing to the Sonic franchise, in addition to running at high speeds in classic Sonic style, combat fighting will become possible. Super quick Sonic’s speed skills will be highlighted by four new modes, whilst the all new combat, movement and functional abilities will offer depth and variety to the game.

“By combining rich and vibrant scenery with dynamic viewpoints Sonic Unleashed will provide an immersive 3D experience whilst keeping alive the 2D gameplay elements and fantastic worlds that Sonic fans know and love” commented Gary Knight, European Marketing Director for SEGA Europe. “In addition to this classic Sonic gaming experience, when darkness sets in Sonic Unleashed players will be able to experience a completely new way to play as Sonic… making this his most exciting adventure yet!”

On paper, it looks as though SEGA is doing great things with the franchise. We'll know for sure when the game gets released later this year on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PS2.

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