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What games utilise PlayStation Move right now?

by Steven Williamson on 23 September 2010, 16:07

Tags: Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE), PS3

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PlayStation Move Launch titles

Sony's magic, motion controlling wand has launched across the globe to a fairly lukewarm reception with many praising the hardware but criticising the small batch of launch games. Some of those launch games have been better advertised than others - did you know, for example, that R.U.S.E. was Move compatible? Us neither. So to save you the bother of scouring the internet to find out what you can play right now with Move we’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of every game that's currently available, along with game details.

Our Move controller finally arrived today, so we'll be giving you a full review of the hardware and some of the games next week. Until then, here’s a taste of what’s on offer if you’re looking for new gaming experience on PS3.

Sports Champions
Sports Champions showcases the capabilities of the hand-held wand at a fairly basic level. Just like Wii Sports, it’s clear that this is a party game designed to be played with all the family. It offers a mix of modern and medieval sporting games and the chance to participate in some crazy challenges involving swords, hammers and even hair clippers.

The game features three gameplay modes, Free Play, Challenge Mode and Champion Cup and includes the following sports: Table Tennis, Volleyball, Gladiator Duel, Disc Golf, Bocce and Archery. Think Wii Sports but with true 1:1 control.

Kung Fu Rider
Kung Fu Rider sends you on a ride through the busy streets of Hong Kong…while sitting on an office chair! When Toby and Karin are confronted by mobsters at their detective agency, you have no choice but to grab your office chairs, hold on tight and slide through the streets in order to make a daring escape.

With the Move motion controller, you need to steer, jump, dash and power dash through the city while avoiding obstacles and evading attacks in what’s billed as a “comical and fast-paced action arcade game.”

Start The Party
One for the kiddies we think. Start the Party is an augmented reality party video game. You snap a picture of yourself using the PlayStation Eye, and you get to see your mug on screen for the duration of the game.

The title consists of a wide variety of mini-games including bug-swatting and painting games. In the game the controller often transforms itself into animated objects similar to the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit which features real-life people holding cartoon-like objects.

Racket Sports
The clue is in the title. Racket Sports is a set of five games that all involve using a racket. There's Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Squash and Beach Tennis. There’s also 11 playable athletes each with a distinct personality and you can customise over 30 outfits and 30 hairstyles. You can also jump into six different game modes from Quick Match to the family friendly Party Mode.

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