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MicroVolts - The Online Multiplayer Shooter

by Steven Williamson on 20 September 2010, 10:12

Tags: PC, Action/Adventure

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Toys go to war

MicroVolts is the latest in a long line of free-to-play online multiplayer shooters, but developer Rock Hippo Productions believes that it will stand out from the crowd.

Though the game's main characters are toys and the graphics have been rendered in a cartoon style, MicroVolts features deep customization options and game mechanics and a host of social features.

Flavio Caracas, Marketing Manager at Rock Hippo Productions, tells us more...

1. Please tell our readers about the development team and what experience the team has, giving details about previous titles and the set up of the team?
We’re working together with SK imedia – the MicroVolts development team in Korea, to localize and publish the game for a worldwide audience. The development team is led by extremely talented designers with impressive resumes, including work on some high profile titles. Most importantly, we share a vision of design and gameplay that appeals to gamers of all kinds and from all corners of the world.

2.What makes Microvolts different from other F2P (Free to Play) games that are out there?
MicroVolts is really unique not only when you talk about F2P but any game in general. There’s an interesting contrast between this fantasy based toy environment, and deep gameplay mechanics which isn’t very common. We have put a lot of effort into making sure the gameplay is as polished as the presentation, and select players will get a chance to see that for themselves once the closed beta begins.

3. With the market being saturated in free games why do you think Microvolts will succeed and what are the games unique features?
Simply put, we are focusing on making the game fun. It seems like that is an obvious thing to do, but it isn’t. All of the game features are there to make the experience enjoyable for both experienced and new players, which means a heavy focus on gameplay balance and intuitive controls. One example is the ability to choose from any of the 7 weapon types at any time during a match. This allows players to fully experience the game without class restrictions, and learn the intricacies of each weapon. As a result, players can choose to play as a one man army, or coordinate tactics with teammates and focus on their roles in battle.

4.What’s the future of Microvolts, how often can players expect new content for characters they’re using and the environment they’re playing in to be added?
While we can’t give away too much, you can definitely expect to see plenty of new content available on a regular basis. We are working daily with the development team to explore additional content, including new weapons, characters, items, maps, modes, and much more.

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