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Interview :: Two Worlds : The Temptation - PC, Xbox 360

by Steven Williamson on 12 May 2008, 12:48

Tags: Two Worlds, PC, Xbox 360, Action/Adventure

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Two Worlds promises a host of improvements and new features

Topware Interative is set to make the sequel to its free-roaming rpg, Two Worlds, bigger and better than its prequel, says Managing Director James Seaman.

Having been a tad disappointed with Two Worlds, possibly because we'd just completed Oblivion, we we keen to discover how they'd improved and expanded on the title.

The following questions were answered by James Seaman, Managing Director of Topware Interactive regarding the company's upcoming free-roaming role-playing game, Two Worlds: The Temptation.

HEXUS: For those readers who haven’t played the original Two Worlds, can you tell us a little about the setting and the storyline and how this sequel relates to the prequel?
James In the original Two Worlds, you played a mercenary whose sister has been kidnapped. You start the game simply looking to find your lost sister, but quickly find out that forces behind the kidnapping are hoping to use you to unlock an ancient power. The Temptation takes place shortly after the events presented in the original, and in many ways has your character dealing with the repercussions from the first game.

HEXUS: With comparisons made to one of the most iconic RPG titles, Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, do you think it had a negative impact on the success of Two Worlds and the way it was received with the gaming media?
James I think the comparisons to Oblivion helped get interest in Two Worlds initially, but ultimately hurt it in reviews. On the surface, both games are similar in that they’re open world fantasy role-playing games. Beyond that, though, they differ quite vastly. It seems like most everyone had it in their hearts that Two Worlds was essentially going to be Oblivion 2, and when that didn’t happen we got torn apart.

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HEXUS: We’re sure you’d be first to admit that, despite showing plenty of promise, the average reviews that Two Worlds received were largely warranted. The game was mainly criticized due to bugs, technical issues, such as poor collision detection during combat, and frame-rate problems. We understand that the same team is working on the sequel? Why then should I be confident that Two Worlds: The Temptation will be any different? How have you technically improved on this new title?
James Not only was Two Worlds the first role-playing game that the team had worked on, it was also the first console release for them. So just by virtue of finishing the game, everyone learned an incredible amount. With The Temptation, we’re taking everything that we learned, and all the fair criticisms put against Two Worlds, and creating a game that shows its full potential. So if Two Worlds was a diamond in the rough, The Temptation is going to be a perfectly cut diamond expertly set into a gold (or perhaps I should say brass) ring.

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HEXUS:Are there any new redeeming features we can look forward to and get excited about in a nerdy RPG-loving way?
James A ton. The entire game engine has been overhauled, so players will see a noticeable improvement in graphics – especially on the Xbox 360. We’ve also improved combat to allow for active blocking, and made attacking less about button mashing and more about skill. Riding horses and mounted combat will be vastly better. Quest will be much more intricate. The voice-overs are being handled by professional actors. I could go on and on.

HEXUS:Can you fill us in on the various character classes and races and give examples of some of their traits and skills?
James There were a few features that even the harshest critics of Two Worlds admitted were cool, and our character advancement system was one of them. So we’re not changing what worked in this case, just expanding it to give players more options. Like the original, when you create your character in The Temptation, you start off with only a few skills. From there, though, how you advance is entirely up to you. Do you want to learn fire magic and swordplay, go ahead. Want to focus entirely on thievery? No problem. Want to dabble in a little bit of everything? You can.

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