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Sensible Soccer - Jon Hare Interview

by Nick Haywood on 30 January 2006, 17:40

Tags: Codemasters, Sports

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Sensible Soccer 2006 - EXCLUSIVE interview with Jon Hare

Sensible Soccer 2006 – Interview with Jon Hare and Richard Joseph

Ask any gamer over 30 to name an influential UK games developer and the list will undoubtedly include Sensible Software.

Back in the day when the Amiga was at the peak of it’s powers and popularity, when PC owners were still having to sacrifice chickens to the gods of DOS just to boot up, Sensible Software, along with the likes of Bullfrog and the Bitmap Brothers, reigned supreme, bringing us the all time classics of Cannon Fodder, Sensible Golf and the iconic Sensible Soccer.

In 1999 Sensible Software was sold to the Codemasters and since then Sensible’s co-founder, Jon Hare has been working on and off with the Codies ever since.

HEXUS gaming caught up with Jon and his good friend ex Sensible sound legend Richard Joseph for a chat about Sensible Soccer… the new version due out later this year… as well as life and everything else…

HEXUS: Thanks for giving me the time for a chat, I know you’re very busy with Sensible Soccer right now.
Jon: That’s ok… any invitation for food, drinks and a chat is good by me.

HEXUS: Well, it’s what an expenses sheet is for I think… So, Sensible Soccer… the big question… When are we going to see it?
Jon: World Cup… In time for the World Cup. Basically we’re aiming for Q2 in 2006… so that’s not very much time at all in development terms. We’re six weeks out from Alpha, so yes… it’s tight on the time schedule. We’re on course and on time with the game, but as you get closer and closer to release you become more and more aware of time and how little of it you have.

HEXUS: So the quicker we get this over with the quicker you can get on and sort the game out then?
Jon: (laughs) No, no, this is cool. It’s not that often we have the time to nip out to the pub. I’m working mostly up in Sheffield with Kuju, the developers and I pop down here to work with Richard on the music so you’re pretty lucky to be able to get us both in the same place with a bit of spare time…