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A year in the life of HEXUS.gaming

by Nick Haywood on 30 December 2005, 16:42

Tags: Action/Adventure

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From modest beginnings...

Yeah, I know everyone is doing a review of various gaming related topics, so ours is a little different… Here’s a brief rundown of HEXUS.gaming’s 2005… don’t expect much in the way of intelligent, insightful prose… this is just the year rounded up in as few words as possible…

February: The start of something…
HEXUS, obviously finding that ticking along quite nicely is a bit boring, believes the bullshit he spouts as educated opinion and hires Nick as Gaming Editor. His task is to build content for an upcoming gaming channel… so he immediately causes as much havoc as possible by turning the entire front page of HEXUS into italics, then making his news posts one big link before finishing off the day by wiping two news posts and an article on true matter transportation clean off the database. Not bad for a first day and things don’t really improve from there on…

March: Five go to Germany
March saw HEXUS hit the sausage and pickled cabbage eating land with gusto sending no less than five of its staff to Hannover for CeBIT 2005. What followed has now passed into HEXUS lore with slashdots coming thick and fast and each of the five guys working themselves onto their chinstraps…. Rys was shown some sexy ATI and NVIDIA stuff behind closed doors so not to be out-done Nick managed to persuade three of the Shuttle booth babes to show him some of their sexy stuff behind closed doors… and the git managed to sneak it through on expenses too!

Special mentions at this point should go to Rabah Ichadadene from AMD for finding the only curry house in Germany that made a tikka masala hot enough to bubble paint, Cy from XFX for the stupid amount of beer he was supplying to the HEXUS crew even at 8.30am and last but not least to Rys, for the outstanding moment of the trip with his comments in a Chinese restaurant about the natty HEXUS jumpers… decency laws prevent me from repeating them here but it had anyone in earshot spraying noodles out their noses.