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Ten greatest Tower Defence games

by Nick Haywood on 25 July 2008, 11:00

Tags: Strategy

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Upgrade your towers and stop the enemy

Ooh, tower defence games, now there’s a point in gaming that shows an evolving genre. I can remember getting into very heated arguments in the arcades about the best way to play Rampart, which is arguably the first tower defence game (no, Missile Command does not count). StarCraft then took it a bit further with the Turret Defence maps but it wasn’t until Warcraft III and that bonus level in the Frozen Throne expansion that tower defence games really solidified as a separate genre.

The basic premise is simple. You build a series of towers to kill the enemy before they reach your base. Most tower defence games have the enemy moving along a set path but some have the battlefield completely open, so in these you also construct the path for the enemy by placing your towers in their way. The simplicity of the idea has allowed a massive number of home-programmers to create their own tower defence games, all of which are playable for free on the ‘net.

As the genre has aged the games have become more innovative, with some games having multiple upgrade paths for each tower, towers that combine with other towers for more powerful attacks, enemies able to attack and destroy your towers and even map editors for players to create and upload their own maps.

It’s fair to say that tower defence games, especially the good ones, can be a very entertaining way to pass the time for no cost at all and so, to save you wasting your time with the dross, we present you with the Top Ten tower defence games on the web today!