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The Top 10 online Zombie shooters

by Nick Haywood on 22 July 2008, 13:55

Tags: Shoot 'em up

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Kill the undead… erm, again…

You’re bored at work, there’s not much to do except try and stretch out that morning’s work into a full day. But you’re hankering for something stimulating to do that you can drop into and out of depending on how close the boss is to your screen.

So online flash games is where the fun is to be had for a quick fix at the office… and here we list what we think are the top ten Zombie shooters for the terminally bored… just don’t let the boss catch you splattering brains over the desktop.

So without further waffling, let’s get on with the countdown!

10. Dead Frontier Night Two

This is a very dark, atmospheric top down shooter and second in a series of three so far. The first suffered from never knowing how far you were through the game itself but this time around there’s a progress meter so you have a good idea of how you’re doing. Perhaps too dark for some and limited to just the one screen, Dead Frontier Night Two can get repetitive but it’s still a worthy blast.