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Subsonic reveal new games extras for GC 2008

by Nick Haywood on 29 July 2008, 15:38

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The Laser Sword Wii

Subsonic is the brand name for the Nobilis group’s range of games accessories and it looks like this year they’ve truly let the loonies out of the asylum… but then again, after seeing a kid in Tescos actually trying the Jedi mind trick to get a discount on a dented tin, I guess there’s a market for the more, erm, ‘odd’ stuff in the Subsonic range.

And yes, here it, yet another of those WiiRemote accessories that make you wonder why anyone bother buying them… it’s the Laser Sword Wii! Accorsing to the Subsonic press release, “This is THE perfect accessory for “Star Wars” fans or for sword fighting addict!! This laser sword has a motion detector, and space for the wrist strap.”

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