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Greatest renditions of the Super Mario and Zelda theme tunes

by Steven Williamson on 7 August 2008, 16:09

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Stunning performances of Nintendo classics

The iconic Super Mario and Zelda theme tunes have been copied world-wide by many talented musicians on a variety of different instruments.

YouTube has given these people the window to showcase their talent to the world and there are some absolutely brilliant renditions of these classic compositions available in the public domain.

We’ve sat through and listened to dozens of home-made videos and have come up with the definitive list of the best renditions of the Super Mario and Zelda theme tunes we could find:

Super Mario Theme Tune

Zack Kim from South Korea writes on his blog that he is “in love with music and dreams of performing around the world”. If he carries on playing his electric guitars like this, his dream may well come true.

Jean Baudin plays the 11 string bass guitar like a man possessed with the spirit of Mario himself. It comes as no surprise that Jean tours the US as a solo performer and has recently completed his first album.