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10 great Nintendo Wii and DS videogames for your mother (mom)

by Steven Williamson on 28 February 2008, 13:47

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Moms likes games too...

With Mothering Sunday approaching I asked my mother what she’d like this year as a present. She’s owned a Nintendo DS for some time and, whenever I’ve bought it around to her house or whenever we’ve had family get-togethers, she's also had great fun playing Wii. For Christmas I bought her Super Mario Bros 3 on DS, which she loved, so it came as no surprise when she said that she'd quite like another new game for her hand-held.

But, which video game do you buy for your mom? Is it patronising to buy her Cooking Mama 2, just because she spends a lot of time in the kitchen? Should I buy her Baby Pals, just because I know she's got child rearing experience? Should I play it safe with another platform title? Or maybe she’d secretly like to blow the heads of some zombies?

With these thoughts whizzing through my head, I decided the best bet thing to do was to check out her existing collection and ask her straight what type of games she actually likes. Of course, this has not only helped me to decide what to buy her (I’ll reveal that game at the end of the feature), but it’s also allowed me to write what I hope is a useful (and not patronising at all) guide to the best Nintendo titles to buy for your gaming mother.

I’ve chosen 10 titles, five Wii games and five DS ones. Apart from one of these games, my mother owns or has played all of these titles.

So, without further ado, let’s check out these 10 great Nintendo videogames for your mom...