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Review: Klipsch ProMedia GMX A-2.1

by David Ross on 10 February 2005, 00:00

Tags: Klipsch

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A recent survey held in the UK showed that more and more people are staying in at the weekend than ever before, and as a result a lot of the money spent on nightclubs and cinemas has instead been invested on home theatre and home entertainment systems. This is no doubt thanks in part due to the proliferation and popularity of DVD, along with the great image quality and sound it offers. In the computer hardware world, in some respects we've been even more evangelised to as to the benefits of a surround sound system than most, having rapidly seen even onboard sound devices move from stereo and four-channel support up to 5.1, 6.1 and then 7.1. To top it all off, Dolby has announced a follow-up to their Dolby Digital sound format that will offer the capability of supporting up to 13.1 speaker systems!

However, to think of multi-channel speaker setups as the only way forward would be a fallacy - There is still a large market out there for good quality two-channel systems, either amongst those without the physical space for a huge setup or those with a dislike for tangles of wires all around the house. There's also little point in purchasing a surround sound set-up simply to listen to stereo sources (i.e. CD and mp3). Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a good quality 2.1 speaker setup can quite often knock the socks off a cheaper 5.1 or more setup - There's a lot more to getting the most out of your sound device, be it PC, stereo or console, than simply throwing a multitude of speakers at it.

Which brings us to the product under test today, which comes courtesy of Klipsch, a name many of you may already be familiar with as having a great reputation in the speaker arena. Klipsch's main area of expertise is in producing high-end home HiFi and THX certified cinema systems in the US, so their pedigree is apparent, and makes what we will be looking at today all the more exciting - A set of 2.1 speakers from this company, and at an affordable price to boot! Without further ado then, let's introduce the Klipsch ProMedia GMX A-2.1 speaker set.