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Review: AVerMedia AVerTV USB 2.0 Plus

by David Ross on 12 December 2004, 00:00

Tags: AVerMedia Technologies (TPE:2417)

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Now that the USB 2.0 interface has become a standard feature on basically every new machine, be it notebook or desktop, it has opened up new avenues for various devices which were previously constrained to being available solely as PCI cards due to the bandwidth limitations of USB 1.1, or at best were available in a USB 1.1 form but with only limited functionality. One such product type which has benefited from the USB 2.0 bus is that of TV cards, with several companies jumping at the chance to produce products that utilise the new interface.

One such company that has taken the opportunity to create a USB 2.0 TV card is AVerMedia, a company whose focus is largely on TV cards and video capture. To supplement their existing PCI and USB 1.1 boards, they have now released a USB 2.0 part, in the form of the AVerTV USB 2.0. This is available in both standard and 'Plus' models, and it is the 'Plus' part which we shall be looking at today.