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Review: Gainward's Hollywood@Home Roundup

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 2 January 2005, 00:00

Tags: Gainward

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Gainward. What products of theirs do you think of straight away? Their Golden Sample graphics cards, right? Maybe the Ā£590 watercooled 6800 Ultra I reviewed earlier in the year? Past the graphics cards, though, are you aware that Gainward also sell a bunch of other PC components, under the Hollywood@Home umbrella? I'd hazard a guess that not many of you are.

I've looked at one of those components before, their Hollywood@Home 7.1 not doing too badly and in hindsight it probably deserves a slightly higher score, recent drivers enabling excellent stereo output for music using the high quality Wolfson DAC. Gainward aren't all about the graphics and they do have other tricks up their sleeves.

So it's with an open mind that I agreed to look at a triplet of their latest Hollywood@Home editions. A USB TV tuner, USB soundcard and a set of surround sound headphones, they seem to have applied the same high-value, low-cost mantra that Gainward used to create the original soundcard product.

Let's take a good look starting with the TV tuner, to see if Gainward's other tricks are worth them turning, and you soliciting.