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Review: Griffin & Porta-Charge iPod mains chargers

by Bob Crabtree on 24 April 2007, 08:34

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Freestyle iPod Mains Charger

First I looked at the Freestyle iPod Mains Charger from Porta-Charge.co.uk. This is said to run on 100-240V AC - partly explaining why box and product call it a travel charger. However, no socket-adaptors are supplied for use abroad.

The Freestyle takes the form of a jumbo-size 13A mains plug to which is fixed a cable carrying a docking connector at the other end.

It has a blue neon light to indicate when it's charging and is reckoned to have a power output of 11V/300mA. That compares with 5V/500mA max for the output of a computer's USB port.

Porta-Charge says that the Freestyle is compatible with all iPod's fitted with dock connectors

It cost just £7.99, so it's cheap and cheerful, but it does do the job.

And, right now, the company is selling the Freestyle at knock-down price - £5.99 - though the UK delivery charge of £2.49 starts to look seriously excessive at that price point.

Porta-Charge Freestyle iPod Mains Charger in box

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Porta-Charge Freestyle iPod Mains Charger

Porta-Charge Freestyle iPod Mains Charger

Fact is, the Freestyle is just the sort of thing that Apple should be including with its iPods - though doubtless Porta-Charge wouldn't agree.

A lot more versatile, but somewhat more expensive, is the Griffin-branded PowerBlock Travel - and you can find out more on the next page...