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Review: Creative MuVo NX 128MB

by Tarinder Sandhu on 3 November 2003, 00:00

Tags: Creative

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Creative nMuVo-NX 128MB

All manner of portable music players have hit the market recently. Up until just a couple of years' ago, consumers' choices were more or less limited to either tape, CD or minidisk-based formats and players. Then came the ever-so-popular MP3 format, which digitally compressed your music  into far smaller digital files, and it still kept a decent level of sound quality up. Now with an average 128kb/s MP3 song weighing in at around the 4MB mark, and the proliferation of broadband internet and huge hard drives, users can amass thousands of songs in a very short space of time. Bad for the industry and good for a select group of the computing world. The rise of the compressed digital format brought along with it a number of small, portable devices that could play back the format smoothly. One of the banes of disc usage, namely skipping, was almost eradicated through the use of flash media. No moving parts also translated to a much smaller sizes and true portability, as well as a longer expected lifespan.

Creative, purveyors of all things multimedia, were quick to jump on the portable players' bandwagon. It's MuVo player earned a number of plaudits for styling, size, ease of use and the fact that it could be used as a flash-style storage device. Sound quality, too, was generally considered to be above average in a field that's hotly contested. Creative, it seems, is at it again. The original MuVo (a name that you will either love or hate) was a definite step in the right direction from Creative. However, some uses bemoaned the lack of an LCD screen and others were a little discontent with the size of on-board flash memory. It seems as if Creative has listened. The MuVo has had a makeover. Let's present the Creative MuVo NX 128MB; a multipurpose portable device.