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Review: TerraTec Cinergy Hybrid USB XS DVB-T/analogue TV tuner

by Steve Kerrison on 2 October 2005, 19:24

Tags: Terratec

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The surge in media PC popularity is ever increasing and with it comes a growing range of multimedia products. However, right now we sit in a phase of transition. Plans to turn off UK analogue TV are being made, with digital TV taking its place for good. Then there's high-definition broadcasts to consider. It'd be nice to think that any hardware you're buying into now is going to last a while, but PC users are fairly used to short system life-cycles. Still, we all try our best to be geared up for the future.

So, if you're buying a TV tuner, just what do you look for? Analogue TV tuners can be very cheap but the quality and usability can reflect this. Digital television needs a good signal to work at all, so if you don't have a good fixed aerial, or want to watch television in unusual places (whatever floats your boat) then you're stuck.

What's needed is the best of both worlds. Let's if see if a new tuner from Terratec fits the bill, shall we?