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Review: Creative I-Trigue 5600 5.1 Speakers

by David Ross on 20 May 2005, 00:00

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Creative I-Trigue 5600 5.1 Speakers

Creative's seven-strong I-Trigue line-up reinforces the company's move into the world of designer speakers. The kit looks very different from the usual set of boxes but what we wanted to know was, has the sound been compromised? A set of range-leading £150 I-Trigue 5600 5.1 speakers was called in, to find out.

I-Trigue 5600

Although they're clearly sound-output devices, the I-Trigue 5600's five satellite speakers (four surround; one centre) look a whole lot different from the square plastic boxes that are typical of PC surround-sound systems. Mind you, the accompanying, and massively important, sub-woofer that goes under your desk or bed looks much like Creative offerings of old. So, seemingly, the company hasn't abandoned traditional acoustic theory completely.

I-Trigue 5600

With a suggested price of £150, the I-Trigue speakers clearly aren't targeted at the average punter. For that money, though, the discerning buyer can reasonably expect to get a system that's well designed, solidly built and, critically, sounds a whole lot better than average. Let's find out if there are disappointments in store.