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Unboxing the world's coolest gadget: the Flux Capacitor!

by Parm Mann on 18 June 2008, 15:39

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This is heavy duty, Doc

Every once in a while, something truly extraordinary lands here at HEXUS. We've had our fair share of high-end graphics cards, we've had processors that offer blazing performance, but only now do we have the gadget to put all other gadgets to shame!

In fact, it's so special that we've been back in time to unearth this video clip recorded on a JVC camcorder by The Doc himself:

Alright, so we haven't been back in time, and we don't have one of those lovely giant-red camcorders. But, we have had our hands on one of only 1,000 replica Flux Capacitors.

Granted, at Ā£99 it's a pricey little gadget, but the nostalgia-factor makes it worth every penny. Next Saturday night, we're sending DR, back to the future!

Head on over to page two for plenty of images.