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Fujitsu promising 1080p plasmas for 2007

by Bob Crabtree on 7 November 2006, 15:54

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The news

High-definition TV sets were prominent at last weekend's What Hi-Fi? and Best of Stuff show and so, too, were women - though mostly scantily clad and on the stands, rather than being among the paying punters. This was a lads' mags event, afterall.

Fujitsu was showing this year's Plasmavision hi-def sets and next year's AVIAMO hi-def models - presenting them back-to-back on the two sides of its stand.

We hadn't realised that, though, until we asked one of Fujitsu's stand dollies to pose alongside the forthcoming 65in plasma - purely for scale purposes, you understand (no, not necessarily scaly reptilian purposes) - and she promptly disappeared around the other side to get her sister!

Fujitsu 65in 1080p plasma TV set
Click for larger image

The 65-incher - due January or February and likely to go out at £12,000 - is one of three new-gen, full-high-def (1080p) sets that Fujitsu is aiming at discerning (read, "wealthy") buyers.

The others are the company's first LCD model, a £3,000 37-incher due in January (shown right in the image above), and a 50-in plasma (shown left) for which price and launch date are still undecided.

Knowing that you'd appreciate some close-ups of these two beauties, we naturally, grabbed some further shots - scroll down to check 'em out...

...this is the 50in plasma set (click for larger image)...

Fujitsu 50in 1080p plasma TV set

...and this its 37in LCD companion (ditto)

Fujitsu 37in 1080p plasma TV set

Thoughts on full high-def sets or even stand dollies? Share them with us in this thread in the HEXUS.lifestyle.news forum. But first, check out Fujitsu's AVIAMO press release on page two...


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