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Images from Rome

by Scott Bicheno on 12 April 2008, 22:27

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When in Rome…

I was lucky enough to have a look around Rome in between Roman press-events today and I thought I’d share a few images with you.

This first one is of the massive Castel Sant’Angelo.

It was apparently built to provide a fortified refuge for the Pope when he judged the general populace had found him to be taking-the-piss excessively – a state of affairs that the scale of the castle leads me to believe was reasonably frequent.

I was told it is reached by secret tunnel from the near-by Vatican and was originally the tomb of the emperor Hadrian - as in wall.

I was lucky enough to bump into Rachel from Gartner and Dave (that’s almost certainly not his name, but I don’t have his business card and my memory isn’t what it was – which wasn’t much. Sorry Dave.) and Mario from Everything Channel for lunch.

Here’s a photo of a chap who appears to be pretending to be some kind of petrified Jesse James.