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QOTW: Which car do you drive?

by Parm Mann on 19 August 2016, 16:31

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If you like your tech there's a good chance you'll love cars and all things automotive. Today's latest vehicles are a showcase of what technology has to offer, and even those of us who aren't petrol heads wouldn't say no to something like a shiny, new Volvo XC90.

Cars are, and always have been, as emotive a topic as any. So for this week's question, we're asking which car do you drive? Let us know in the comments section below, and to make it interesting feel free to post a short review highlighting the pros and cons.

If you're inclined to show off your motor, or you just want to see what others are driving, be sure to also visit the Car Showroom thread in the HEXUS community forum.

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A 2014 Citroen C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive +
Whatever my oyster allows me to use.
and even those of us who aren't petrol heads wouldn't say no to something like a shiny, new Volvo XC90.
I think most petrolheads aren't particularly interested in a chelsea tractor. A Land rover, maybe on the other hand ;)
It used to be a Peugeot RCZ 1.6 GT. Looked great, practical for 2 people (boot was actually really big), had a good level of equipment, a leather covered dashboard and interior as standard and was fairly good value. However, the suspension was very stiff and the B-road I use for commutting is very bumpy and generally made it uncomfortable. I also split the sidewall of a tyre going over a pothole.

So last month I changed it for a Fiesta Zetec S 123bhp EcoBoost; and it's great! Handles the bumps a lot more comfortably but still handles well. It's also narrower so I don't ahve to fold the wing mirrors in to get it into my garage! :P It's economical (zero road tax and I average a bit over 50mpg) and I managed to get mine for Ā£10,000 for a year old with 2 years' warranty left and under 10k miles. However, there were very few with any options on it, so I had to get a “yellow” one (more like “hungover urine”) to get cruise control, parking sensors, auto lights/wipers and SatNav. But I have come to like the colour now; certainly more than the turd brown one that was the other option at the time!

An example of the colour: -
Ford Focus.