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Maker of false-Trojan-detector faces huge fines; has MS on its back, too

by Bob Crabtree on 27 January 2006, 11:43

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Secure Computer, maker of the Spyware Cleaner anti-malware program, is facing huge fines that could put it completely out of business. Artechnica reports that the Washington state attorney general is accusing the company of selling a product that not only didn't accurately detected the nasties but also marked good files as being spyware then corrupted hard drives of visitors to the company's site who ran a free scan and purchased and ran the $50 program as a result of these false identifiers.

Better still, it appears that Secure Computer is also being sued by Microsoft after it's said to have falsely claimed that the OS giant endorsed its product!

Describing the size of the fines, Arcstechnica says,

Spyware Cleaner is estimated to be used by thousands of users. If Secure computer loses the suit, it will have to pay US$100,000 per violation for the spyware act, US$250 per violation for the CAN-SPAM Act, and US$500 and US$2,000 per infringement for the anti-spam and consumer protection law violations.

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