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Jack Thompson set to be banned from practising law

by Steven Williamson on 11 June 2008, 12:32

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Jack Thompson, the US attorney who has made a name for himself by threatening everyone and his dog each time a video game is released that portrays any kind of violence or sexual connotation, has been recommended by the Florida bar to be banned from practicing law for a minimum of ten years.

The loud-mouthed anti-games ex-lawyer was accused of 27 violations of misconduct and a string of outlandish accusations against the game industry.

Thompson's scream of 'Objection' was followed by the handing over of a 4500-word appeal, which will be taken into consideration by Judge Dava Tunis.

The final judgment will be made at the Florida Supreme Court on September 3rd, where Thompson will have the final chance to make his appeal.

A transcript of the hearing, which if anything should be high in comedy value, is available via Game Politics.

UPDATED :: Transcript is currently offline, possibly due to legal reasons.

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About time too :D
That wont shut him up though. He'll probably just claim it's all a conspiracy with the amoral games industry behind it and further proof that he is right and they are the devil incarnate.

Expect to see him pop up as an “expert” whenever there is a new videogame controversy.
Who actually cares?
Steven obviously felt passionate enough about it to post it ;)
THere is a down side IMo. If he is disbarred he has no proffesional obligation to not make **** up completely.