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Android will be Europe's favourite mobile OS next year - research

by Sarah Griffiths on 30 November 2010, 12:05

Tags: IDC, GfK

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Statistics mash-up

Android looks set to pass Symbian as Europe's most popular mobile operating system next year, according to new research.

IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo told Bloomberg that Android phones made up 23 percent of Western Europe phone shipments in Q3 and Google's OS is set to pass Symbian and Apple iOS in Europe.

HTC was reportedly the most successful Android phone manufacturer in Western Europe leading the 9 month sales of Android handsets with 39 percent of shipments. Sony Ericsson took 27 percent of shipments and Samsung 14 percent although Samsung is set to gain a larger share based on the success of its Galaxy S handset, Jeronimo reportedly said.

"The iPhone was last year's hot device and now people are looking for something different," he reportedly said and believes Samsung's Galaxy S could be it.

Smartphones are expected to make up just short of half of Western Europe's handset shipments in 2011 marking a 35 percent jump from 2010's forecast, Jeronimo reportedly said.

Here is a chart from IDC courtesy of Bloomberg.

Western Europe Smartphone System Market Share