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HEXUS.beanz :: AMD dismisses top EMEA technical marketing exec

by Scott Bicheno on 14 November 2008, 19:30


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Another one... can exclusively reveal that only days after launching AMD's new CPU, Giuseppe Amato - whose job title is EMEA technical director for sales and marketing - and who was often the ‘face' of AMD at product launches, has been dismissed from the company.

AMD is in the process of shedding some jobs as part of its endeavours to deliver profit for the first time since it bought ATI and this is yet another high profile casualty within AMD's already threadbare EMEA operation.

The timing of the move is odd as the Shanghai launch seemed to go pretty well. Even if Amato had shouldered some of the blame for the botched Barcelona launch last year it seems perverse to give him a year to make it better and then get rid of him as soon as he delivers.

Of course a lot has happened at AMD in that year. Amato's old boss Alberto Macchi walked the plank and outsider Emilio Ghilardi was preferred to Amato to replace him. Then Ghilardi was promptly promoted to chief sales officer and, again, HP's EMEA team was raided for a replacement instead of promoting from within.